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From Babylon to Timbuktu: A History of the Ancient Black Races Including the Black Hebrews
El Hagahn, Rudolph R. Windsor
The Valley of the Dry Bones: The Conditions That Face Black People in America Today
Rudolphf R. Windsor
Play with Fire: Discovering Fierce Faith, Unquenchable Passion, and a Life-Giving God
Bianca Juarez Olthoff
Leadership and Self-Deception: Getting out of the Box
Arbinger Institute
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change
Stephen R. Covey
The Emotionally Healthy Church, Expanded Edition: A Strategy for Discipleship That Actually Changes Lives
Peter Scazzero, Warren Bird
This Will Change Everything: Ideas That Will Shape the Future
John Brockman
The Lean Startup: How Today's Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses
Eric Ries
I Got My Dream Job and So Can You: 7 Steps to Creating Your Ideal Career After College
Pete Leibman
The Tao of Martha: My Year of LIVING; Or, Why I'm Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog
Jen Lancaster


Ashes - Steven Manchester Ashes is a story that seems as old as time when you first start reading. Siblings who are holding a grudge brought together by a tragedy. Until you realize that Jason and Tom Pendergast weren’t brought together by tragedy. The death of their father is a relief & a celebration. Until they realize he has manipulated them even in death.

Stuart Pendergast was an abusive alcoholic who died alone of cancer. Tom and Jason his two sons he pitted against each other like rabid dogs are now responsible for carrying out his last “wish”. In Stuart’s death the boys thought they were finally rid of his deceit and deception in adulthood. However, one trip to carry out their father’s last wish would prove to be more pain then they could ever imagine. Fueling more rage than relief. Even in death Stuart wanted to make sure he hurt them in a way they would never forget.

Tom and Jason take the mandatory cross country road trip together with a “get it over with” attitude. Along the way they mend some fences, pick at some old wounds and let out some dark secrets. Leaving the reader unsure if they will ever have peace and finally get to a good place in their lives as siblings. As the story unfolds you find yourself hoping that the brothers can get over what Stuart has used to keep them apart & finally have a healthy relationship.

While Stuart was one evil man, maybe he had good intentions sending Tom and Jason on this trip. This story will have you wondering if there is a special place in hell for men like Stuart and then hoping maybe he found redemption through his request. Whatever the case I’m just glad it gave Tom & Jason some healing for their brotherhood.

Steven Manchester always spins a story that makes you feel for his characters. Drawing you in and making you want to be a apart of the story. All I can say is he hit really close to home for me on this one and it definitely made me hope for a better outcome for my own life.