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Emotional Story of Forgiveness

Shadows of Hope - Georgiana Daniels

Shadows of Hope is a story of Marissa & Collin Kimball’s journey to recovery after suffering infertility for years in their marriage. Shadows of hope tells a vivid story of not only their journey to overcome the strain infertility has placed on their marriage, but their individual sources of distraction from the issue. While Marissa is distracting herself with the clinic she has built, her husband has a distraction all his own. Attempting to fast track his career as a college professor into tenured status, Collin has placed everything on the line for a young co-ed; including his marriage.


Tristan, best friend to Marissa is caught between a rock and a hard place. He has to watch his friend agonize her way through the situation, without wanting anyone to help. Conflicting with his psychologist nature to help. Tristan may not be on team Collin, but he does a good job of providing unbiased advice.


Meanwhile, Marissa is befriending the very women that has her contemplating what to do about her marriage; Collin’s mistress. Saving grace for the mistress, Kaitlyn, she has no idea until it’s too late, that Collin is married. You won’t spend the whole story disliking her or upset (or that could just be me). I think anyone can identify with Kaitlyn’s guilt at being a part of situation she didn’t know the whole truth about until it was too late. Ignoring the red flags, an often in hindsight, obvious signs that something wasn’t right.


While there are some spiritual elements & brief scripture references in the story, it wouldn’t be hard for someone who has had the same struggles, and doesn’t believe, to identify with the struggles of Marissa & Collin. Georgiana Daniels uses great imagery & technique to evoke emotional responses to her characters. You will hurt with Marissa as you watch her attempting to cope with the infertility. Which will leave you furious with Collin’s behavior at focusing on his own selfish feelings, from the problems he has created.


I gave the book 3 stars, because I didn’t like the development of Marissa. She lacks accountability in her actions and throughout the story. Collin’s affair isn’t justifiable, but her unwillingness to accept responsibility for the state of her marriage prior to knowing is on Marissa. As well as her relationship with Tristan. When you knowingly manipulate a person’s involvement in your life because it is beneficial for you, its wrong. In Marissa’s relationship with Tristan, you get no sense that Marissa has any regard for how her desire for his friendship affects Tristan. She acknowledges awareness, but never accountability.


Overall, I would say it is a good story, with a lovable group of characters. The ending definitely came out of left field for me. It was definitely a plot twist I wasn’t expecting.